The galleries are now OPEN! They will close in two weeks on Friday, October 28th at noon.

The online ordering has now CLOSED. If you have a question about your existing order, please

email Sarah at



You are one step away from the ordering galleries for Independence Hill Weekday Preschool. 

First, thank you for coming. It has been an honor photographing your gorgeous children!              

Second, some instructions which should help the ordering process run smoothly.


1. Once in the gallery, find your child's class. They are arranged by age. Double-click, then on the bottom, "Show ALL".

2. Use the "Select Photos" button along the top to choose all the photos you wish to purchase. Then you can click "BUY" to choose the products and finish ordering.

3. The packages are listed along with the a-la-carte items. Make sure you can see all the products listed. The packages are fully customizable, meaning once you choose a package, you will have the option of dragging more than one photo into the package spots. Packages can also be comprised of all the same photo. Simply drag and drop that photo into all available spaces. 

4. To see a description of a package or product, hold your mouse over the product until the green "More Info" appears, then click. For instance, the Memory Mate includes a photo for you to check out what it looks like (it's an 8x10 print that uses a fun template to combine your child's portrait, class photo, name and age!)

5. If your child took photos with a sibling or relative, the extra photos will be with the OLDER child's class album.

6. Payment can be made by credit card or Paypal. 

7. We offer two shipping options: on-site pickup at the preschool (free!) and shipping straight to your home ($5). 

8. Photos will be delivered before Thanksgiving. If you ordered at the in-person ordering sessions, those packages will arrive sooner.

9. The password is the first name of your lovely IHWP director! Capitalized, four letters. Check the email if you need a reminder. 



 Any questions, comments, or problems? Give me a call. I'll walk you through it!



-Sarah Heggen