Senior pin-up Richmond KY Light My Fire Photo

Emily's Senior Shoot- Richmond, KY

Y'all, I'd like to introduce you to Kentucky, via my first photo session in this great state. We've been living here two years now--how time flies when you're having babies and buying houses and starting Kindergarten (!). If you'd like to meet the newest addition to the family and see what we've been doing with our time here, feel free to visit my personal Tumblr, which is photos only, no blather. 

Osa's Birthday Photo Shoot- Hilton Head, SC

Be jealous. Our friends invited us to Hilton Head, SC for a birthday celebration in April. Yes. THEN, the birthday girl asked me to take some photos to mark the milestone. Umm, yes, PLEASE? The weekend was filled with gorgeous weather, bikes on the beach, drinks in hand, GoT, gourmet food, and board games galore. And laughter, always laughter. So, don't be surprised if I show up in a photo or two, looking like a dork. I was having fun and I let it go. (I've watched Frozen like 56 times, just...just let me do this.) Without further ado, feast your eyes upon our impromptu photo session:

Spring Preschool Portraits Peek

My husband and I agree- taking these preschool portraits for Independence Hill Weekday Preschool filled us with such joy. I wanted to share that joy with you all, since today is Monday and, well, you know how Mondays are. It's short and sweet so you can soon return to your day. Can't you just hear the giggles?

Danielle and Bryan- The Engagement in Taylorsville NC

Guys, I seriously love this couple. I lack the ability to adequately describe how in-sync we are. (I almost typed N'SYNC there.) I knew from the first phone conversation with Danielle that I would enjoy every minute of working with these two. Danielle is articulate, bubbly, and loves to laugh. HOW CAN I NOT LOVE HER? Bryan is tall, laid-back, and loves his woman and The Office; we made a lot of jokes, and he weathered them all with a smile on his face. They are getting married in June, and this engagement session was just a taste of the fun we'll be having at the big event.

Jessica- The College Senior

I keep saying we have an amazing time during our sessions, but I thought it'd be more convincing to just show you. One of our shoots last Fall  (yes, I'm behind; I'll make it up to you!) was a senior session with one of my coworkers at God's Garden After-school Program. Jessie is graduating from UNCC this year, and she knew just what she wanted for her college senior photos: Rustic. Country. A good ol' Southern girl in the city of Charlotte.

The Mini Family- Four Generations

Laughter is my favorite thing to photograph- ever. I'm serious. Well, I'm rarely serious, but this family was a dream to shoot, because they LOVE to laugh. Sarah contacted me about a session to document the ladies of her family; four generations worth, in fact. I had never done a shoot like that before, and we decided to sneak in some of Sarah's immediate family at the end of the shoot, so I was excited like I've never been before. Something new!

The Collins Family

A short session. Freedom Park, gorgeous as always. Surprisingly warm weather in October. Ups and downs, stubborn dads and laughter. Before's and After's. This is truly a story of moments. Well, see for youself. And hey, Collins family: let's get together for that hot cocoa I promised you. It's definitely cold enough now! Unless those milkshakes sound better. I'll take either one. 


The Harris Family (plus Maternity!)

July 2012, March 2013, and now October 2013: The three times this good-looking family has asked me allowed me to photograph their loving family. And now it's growing! The Harris' will be welcoming a baby boy into their lives right around March 2014. I can't wait to see how unbelievably gorgeous he will be. Because this family is definitely photogenic. 

Here's a peek at our first shoot in Freedom Park. Little Ali was a bit apprehensive of us at first, but with some coaxing she warmed up:

Five Days in Paris- Part 2

Welcome to PART 2! Missed Part 1? Here it is.

Without further ado, the Arc de Triomphe, up the Tower, lounging in one of the best Cafes we found, happening upon firespinners (flamethrowers?) at midnight, and taking some of my favorite photos of Paris in the dark, and finally finishing up with the Louvre. There seems to be a pattern here: I'm attracted to unsettling artwork. I love reflections. Paris at night is the best.


Five Days in Paris- Part 1

A month and a half?! It's been way too long, folks. Here is a whirlwind tour of our Paris trip, told in photos. 

Places shown in this post: our apartment building, The Catacombs, random wanderings, our first visit to the tower, street art, Notre Dame, shared hot chocolate, open air cafes, and Moulin Rouge in the Red Light District. This was an exercise for me: take photos when you are inspired to. The touristy stuff? Sure. The artsy stuff? Oh yes. Random? Most likely.